Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 1101

Course Description

An overview of the major fields within psychology with an emphasis on developing an understanding of psychology as the science of behavior. 



Learning Outcomes

Required Materials

Psychology by Peter Gray & David Bjorklund (8th edition; any format)

Assignments & Grades

Introduction & Syllabus Quiz (2.5% of overall grade)

Since this class is fully online, we will complete our introductions asynchronously. This introduction will have two parts. First, you will complete the introduction discussion board on D2L. You should answer all prompts and then reply to two of your peers. Treat this like a conversation. Second, you will complete a brief syllabus quiz on D2L to ensure you understand the structure of the course and the contents of the syllabus. You have unlimited attempts for this quiz, and the highest attempt score is taken automatically.


Applied Topic Papers (12.5% of overall grade)

We will discuss the content from our primary textbook, Psychology (8th edition), using the Assignment feature on D2L. The instructions for each topic paper can be found inside each assignment on D2L. Read the instructions carefully for each. They are graded for accuracy and effort. You must answer all parts of the topic instructions fully. Answers must be in your own words. You should use the textbook and you can other sources, but you must cite your work in all cases. All papers will be checked for plagiarism and AI use. See syllabus policies for more information.

Quizzes (30% of overall grade)

Quizzes will be completed on D2L. They are open book/notes. See course calendar for the reading and quiz schedule. These quizzes are timed and designed to help prepare you for your exams. You will have two attempts per quiz, and the highest attempt will be taken automatically. You are not required to complete more than one attempt. Quizzes cannot be made up; no exceptions.

Exams (50% of overall grade)

Exams will be proctored using Respondus LockDown Browser on D2L + a webcam. Click here to download the latest version of LockDown Browser. To begin the exam, go to Quizzes on D2L. Click on the Exam; then click Launch LockDown Browser. The startup sequence will take a couple minutes. You will need to do a webcam check, read some instructions, take a photo of yourself, take a photo of your UNG student ID, complete an environment check, complete a facial detection check, and then take the exam. The purpose of this startup sequence is explained in the following instructions: “During this exam, you shouldn't access other resources (a phone, tablet, notes, books, etc.) or communicate with other people. Please stay in your seat and focus on the computer screen until the exam is complete. If an interruption occurs, briefly explain what happened by speaking directly to your webcam. And, finally, remember that you cannot exit the exam until all questions are completed and submitted it for grading.” You have two attempts per exam, and the exams are timed. The second attempt includes only the questions missed from the first attempt. Exams cannot be made up. Exam 5 will replace your lowest previous exam (if higher than a previous exam).

Research Participation (5% of overall grade)

The Department of Psychological Science regards your exposure to psychological research as an important educational experience.  This class therefore includes a research requirement.  You have two options for completing this requirement. This requirement must be fulfilled by due date on D2L.

Option 1 – You have the option of participating in research conducted in the Department of Psychological Science. You must complete 2.5 study credits.  You will receive half a credit (0.5 credits) for each half-hour of participation in a study (i.e., 2.5 hrs of participation = 2.5 credits). Click here to sign up for studies on any of our campus and/or online. Since there are reduced options at UNG in the summer, you can also complete studies here: If you choose this second option, you will have to upload a picture/screenshot showing your completion. Each of these APA studies count as 0.5 credits. See instructions on D2L.

Option 2 – In order to allow you to perform your own exploration of the immensely diverse field of psychology, you may write an APA formatted paper on a topic chosen from the list of approved topics on D2L. The paper must have at least five pages of content with little to no filler or “fluff”. In addition to these five pages, you will need a title page (including name, 900#, title of paper, and class section) as well as a reference page to document your research citations. This paper will be a combination of your own research (75%/approximately 3.5 pages) and a personal reflection on this research (25%/approximately 1.5 pages) and must be in Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced, one-inch margins, and no space between paragraphs. This paper will be turned in electronically on D2L. TurnItIn software will be used to check for plagiarism. See D2L for more information about both options.

Grade Scale

> 90.0% = A

80.0 - 89.9% = B

70.0 - 79.9% = C

60.0 - 69.9% = D

< 60.0 = F

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